Basic brainstorming


Materials: Input deck, Output deck with display cards removed.

Objective: Come up with unusual ideas and get out of standard design patterns by experimenting with random constraints and combinations.


  • Shuffle Input cards and place them in a pile. Shuffle Output cards and place them beside Inputs.
  • Deal 1-2 Input cards and 1-2 Output cards from the top of each pile onto the table, face up.
  • Write down or sketch the most unusual use you can think of for the combination of at least two of these components.
  • Group activity: Present designs to the group one by one. If any two ideas are the same, those two get no points that round. Vote on the most unexpected and interesting use case of that round. Discuss variations of it, potential use cases in practice, and other related thoughts. Assign points accordingly, repeat.

Variation: Add wireless cards from the power deck as a third pile.