Games, activities and and other uses

There are a lot of things you can do with KnowCards. They aren't designed for one particular game or activity, but rather as a tool that can be adapted for various uses. Here are a few. You can also submit your own.


Basic brainstorming




Considering power sources



Other uses:

  • Flashcards for learning about existing components
  • Brainstorm what you might do with a potential programmable product or kit before buying it
  • Plan what the bare minimum of components for a particular project could be
  • Compare component options within a subcategory (Which display should I use? What kind of motor?)
  • Make collaboration and communication between designers and engineers more concrete ("It needs to sense if it's falling over, so we need an accelerometer, right?" "Why don't you just use a tilt sensor?")
  • Explain product plans to people with limited background in hardware ("This bit will tell this bit to move when there's light.")

More coming soon! You can also submit your own >>