We have started running workshops for companies interested in training their staff with Know Cards. 


US workshops are lead by Steve Silver, DWILSys  

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'' I have been involved with all things digital since there was digital.. I was lucky to have been involved with three internet startups that all went public.

I have been ideating, promoting and helping to build devices and platforms for almost 20 years now. While attending a Bill Gates Keynote for the launch of Windows Media in Hollywood one September, I got to talking with the GM of Microsoft's Windows Media team and several of his team's partners about where digital video was heading. By the end of the evening I had designed on a party napkin the first internet connected, Dual DVD player/burner to include Windows Media as a burn option. (This was pre-Blu_Ray) Fast forward four months and I along with a small group of vendors had a working prototype of the new device designed, coded, assembled and working. The device was such a hit with Microsoft that they chose to with less then a two weeks to go...introduce to the world the new product on stage with Bill Gates during his annual CES Keynote addresses. It was the first instance of a device only thought up months earlier to be introduced by Gates. The device created quite a buzz during CES and was picked up for distribution by Polaroid Electronics. This was my first entry into ideating, designing, building and launching a consumer device.

As a dreamer, salesman, entrepreneur, speaker I have had the good fortune to work with some of the biggest OEMs in the world helping them to ideate, develop and launch new products. In the course of my work I have traveled the world making more then several dozen trips into Asia, meeting with OEMs, attending events and researching products on behalf of clients.

My current interests revolve around helping clients ideate the design and direction of future Consumer Electronics. In recent years this has grown to include products and platforms found within the Smarter World.''